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Cybersecurity for Everyone (Offered in Partnership with Sentinel Institute)

Learners who complete this course will earn the certificate:
Certified Cybersecurity OPSEC Practitioner with Cyber-Incident Response Planning

This course will provide the learner with key insights into and an appreciation for the fascinating world of cybersecurity, along with concrete actionable recommendations to improve their cybersecurity both at home and at work.

A detailed course manual containing key information and all recommendations is included as a resource to support the learner and as a review reference and workbook.

Cybersecurity for Everyone is a 3-4 hour video based online training course taught by an award-winning educators Will Durocher and Cameron Shaver.

After watching the engaging video content for each unit, the learner will complete a short quiz or activity to assess their learning. A certificate is awarded upon completion of the training.

Online Course with 20 content sections which you can complete in as little at 10 minutes.

 Will Durocher
 Cameron Shaver

Complete the course at your own pace.


Videos, Resources, Reviews and Quizzes


4 Hours Total Training Time



What you are going to learn

Course Motivation

Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming a major threat to our society, costing individuals, businesses and institutions billions each year. To secure our data, systems, and networks, cybersecurity needs to be on our minds both at home and at work. We know that 85% of cyber attack cases involved an employee error and that the most effective solution to preventing these cyber attacks is basic training and education in cybersecurity.

Course Topics:

  • Unit 1: Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility
  • Unit 2: Social Engineering Attacks and Defence 
  • Unit 3: Protecting Against Scams and Fraud
  • Unit 4: High Tech Attacks and Defence
  • Unit 5: Securing Personal and Organizational Cybersecurity
  • Unit 6: Cyber-Incident Response Planning and Recovery